Resonate Band Management was set up by the owner of WAMA, Trevor Darmody, originally to support current and past members of WAMA by giving them a helping hand with finding suitable gigs and proving them with gear to gig with and career advice.  Since then this service has been extending to include any new artists on the scene in Waterford and the South East.


Here are some examples of artists that are currently with Resonate. If you like to be part of this project, please contact Trevor on 0860632731.


Be prepared for toe tapping, headbanging, fast and furious percussion from this group of young creative local drummers born out of the Waterford Academy of Music & Arts. Expect high energy grooves, smoking hot bass lines and thunderous pandemonium. They ain’t called “The Big Bang” for nothin’!

Callum & Claire

Calum  and  Claire  are  an  acoustic  duo,  playing  both  guitar  and  ukulele.  Beautiful  harmonies  make  these  two  stand  out  form  the  crowd  with  Claire's  powerful  vocals  coupled  with  Calum's  softer  tone  balance  these  guy's  perfectly.

Richard Power

Richard  Power, equipped  with  just  a  guitar  and  loop  pedal  is  a  force  to  be  reckoned  with.  Inspired  by  the  likes  of  Ed  Sheeran,  Richard  has  the  talent,  commercial  voice  and  style  to  be  up  there  performing  with  the  best  of  them.  He  used  to  front  the  heavy  metal  band  DREDD  so  definitely  has  a  few  more  tricks  up  his  sleeve.

Heather McGrath

Heather  McGrath's  dulcet  tones  and  catchy  original  songs  will  have  you  tapping  your  foot  and  singing  her  chorus  lines  in  your  head  for  days!    Her  haunting  vocals  will  make  you  remember  her  name!

Rosie  Walsh

Rosie's  unique  tones  and  mature  sound  will  bring  you  back  to  the  days  of  flowers  in  your  hair  and  all  things  Americana.    Rosie  plays  both  guitar  and  Ukulele  amongst  other  instrument  and  writes  original  material


Pyro  are  a  4  piece  rock  band  with  strong  80's  influences  lead  by  front  woman  Ava  Somers.  Awesome  guitar  riffs  and  punchy  keyboard  playing  will  have  you  rocking  out  to  some  well  known  hits,  jiving  is  quite  possible  also!



051-821014                     Passage Cross, Dunmore Road, Waterford City

051-821014                     Passage Cross, Dunmore Road, Waterford City